GermBlast preventing the flu

In a busy healthcare facility full of patients, you have countless tasks vying for your attention. During the flu season, the urgent care and emergency room departments can feel like complete chaos.

While you’re working hard to care for others, we’re here to support you in the fight against the flu.

As you know, the best way to prevent the spread of the flu in a healthcare facility is to encourage frequent handwashing for healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors alike, while also disinfecting surfaces and mobile equipment.

To help you and your team stay at peak performance during the flu season, we’ve put together a list of simple, yet powerful tips to help you and your team keep a meticulous eye on your infection control processes.

Take Advantage of Your Communications Systems

In the world of healthcare, communication is everything. From maintaining an organized and up-to-date EHR to keeping your entire staff apprised of your organization’s top priorities, your communications systems are a major asset to achieving your goals – including stopping the spread of the flu virus.

Update Your Email Signature

This flu season, take a minute to edit your email signature with a helpful reminder that inspires action for everyone who receives an email from you. Use this opportunity to get creative and make someone smile at the same time.

A few of our favorites include:

  • Nurses get sick, too. Don’t spread the flu. Stay home, boo.
  • Spread holiday cheer – Not the flu. Wash your hands at holiday parties!
  • High-five a coworker? Wash your hands. Help a patient to bed? Wash your hands. Think about sneezing? Wash your hands.

Have you seen some clever flu-stopping signatures circulating? Share them with us in the comments below!

Monthly Newsletters

Additionally, many healthcare organizations send out a monthly or weekly newsletter updating staff members about events, seminars, and initiatives. Usually, these emails are sent out by department heads or the HR office.

If your workplace has such a tradition, reach out to whomever is in charge of the newsletter – or simply hit “Reply” to your next one – and ask them to include a helpful reminder about frequent handwashing.

Even a simple line like, “The flu can stop with you. Remember to wash your hands frequently.” can go a long way toward developing an organizational culture that is actively working together to prevent the flu.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Paper

Sure, we all live in a digital world nowadays – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still take advantage of helpful posters placed in strategic spots around our facilities.

However, while most organizations that use flu prevention fliers tape them above sinks and in bathrooms, you may have better luck posting them in places where people aren’t already thinking of personal hygiene.

For example, patients and visitors who are sitting in a waiting room may be reluctant to get up and find a nearby restroom if they sneeze or need to wash up. Hang a few fliers with helpful flu-prevention tips and the location of the nearest restroom.

“Prevent the flu! Wash your hands!
The nearest bathroom is behind the nurses’ station to the left.”

Apply the same trick to get patients, visitors, and staff to get their flu shot.

“Have 5 minutes to spare? Get your flu shot today! Head to level 3 in the east wing.”

If your healthcare facility needs posters to help spread awareness during the flu season, let us know. At GermBlast, we provide all of our partners with educational materials to keep their patients and team members safe and well-informed of the best infection control practices.

Fight the Flu with Friendly Reminders

With so many responsibilities for caring for others, it can be easy for members of your team to forget to take care of themselves.

The next time you and your team meet, finish with a friendly verbal reminder. Even something as simple as, “Keep in mind, we’re in the midst of flu season. Let’s keep a watchful eye and remember to wash, wash, wash,” can go a long way toward bringing everyone together in a team effort to stop the spread of the flu.

Call in Backup

Sometimes it’s best to bring in help to supplement what you and your team are already doing to keep the flu at bay. If your healthcare facility needs an extra hand in battling the flu virus this season, GermBlast can help.

At GermBlast, we offer healthcare facilities an opportunity to prevent the spread of the flu as well as healthcare-associated infections. With the GermBlast disinfection service for environments and the GermBlast Wash for equipment, your organization can see a dramatic difference in the incidence of flu infections, HAIs, and more.

GermBlast helps you win the fight against the flu with ongoing training, consultation, stakeholder awareness, and our environmental health monitoring system and data analysis.

Have questions about GermBlast or how your healthcare facility can keep the fight against the flu outside the body this season? Contact us or leave a comment below.