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How to Stop the Flu Virus at Your Door with Healthy Habit Hacks

You know the drill. It’s flu season, so you’re stocking up on Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, and DayQuil (just in case!). Other than being obsessive [...]

5 Not-So-Obvious Ways Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Can Help Stop the Spread of the Flu

Every year, America’s healthcare professionals treat millions of people affected by the flu. Doctors, nurses, and other staff members naturally have an altruistic interest in [...]

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What Are Healthcare-Associated Infections & Are You At Risk?

In the 21st century, doctors and healthcare professionals have developed revolutionary ways of protecting patient health. From advanced sanitization methods to safely sterilizing tools and [...]

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Infection Control for Individuals with Weakened Immune Systems

Your immune system’s job is to keep you safe from infectious diseases. Think of it as your own personal infection control expert. However, if you’re [...]

Protecting Education at its Core & What Parents Can Do to Help

We hear about it in the news every week: Teachers aren’t paid enough. Schools are making cuts. Students take too many tests. Education funding is [...]

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Common but Unexpected Ways to Pass the Flu to Your Family

  Fall is here, the wind is blowing, cozy sweaters are emerging from the backs of closets, and everything is wonderful. Except one thing... It’s [...]

Flu Season: What We Can Expect & What We Can Do To Prevent It

Expectations The timing, severity and length of flu season vary from one year to another. Influenza viruses are most common during the fall and winter [...]

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