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How Long Does a Virus Last on Inanimate Surfaces?

You work hard to keep your home clean and free of harmful germs. And it’s not an easy task! In fact, one instance of hand contact with a contaminated surface can transfer the pathogen to five more surfaces, or 14 other individuals. Knowing when to use which cleanser or disinfectant on which surface, keeping an eye on everything your sick kid touches, and teaching your family how to prevent the spread of germs could be a full-time job! Creating a health-protecting cleaning routine also requires you to know how long a virus lasts on inanimate surfaces. Though germs, viruses, and [...]

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Seasonal Allergies: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Air Clean

Imagine your ideal winter. You're probably picturing crisp, icy mornings, towns covered in Christmas lights, and winding down in front of the fireplace after a long day. You can almost smell the sweet, festive aromas that fill your home in the colder months. But how can you truly enjoy the wonderful smell of pine trees and holiday cookies when your nose is stuffed up and your sinuses are plagued by seasonal allergies? Outdoors, allergens are everywhere – and the dry winter air limit’s your body’s natural ability to fight them off. While seasonal allergies may feel unavoidable, there are several ways [...]

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5 Not-So-Obvious Ways Nurses & Healthcare Professionals Can Help Stop the Spread of the Flu

Every year, America’s healthcare professionals treat millions of people affected by the flu. Doctors, nurses, and other staff members naturally have an altruistic interest in eliminating any further spread of this illness. The top techniques for avoiding the accidental spread of influenza are well-known. However, there are additional ways you can help your office fight the germs this flu season. Here are some useful strategies you can add to your workplace toolkit. Adopting Pre-Screening Procedures During flu season, you can limit the spread of the flu by leveraging your everyday scheduling procedures. When taking appointments, ask the patient if he [...]

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What Is Hydrogen Peroxide & What Is It Used For?

Hydrogen peroxide is one of those common products you probably have stashed in a bathroom cabinet next to the band-aids. While it may be useful in some situations, there are times when it can harm your health. Because hydrogen peroxide is such a common household product, we wanted to take a moment to explain when is the right time to use it and when to hide it away. Here are the facts you need to know for safe, effective use of this powerful disinfection tool. What Is Hydrogen Peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide is classified by chemists as a compound, which just [...]

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What Are Healthcare-Associated Infections & Are You At Risk?

In the 21st century, doctors and healthcare professionals have developed revolutionary ways of protecting patient health. From advanced sanitization methods to safely sterilizing tools and equipment, we’ve come a long way in making healthcare environments as safe as possible. Unfortunately, patients and healthcare professionals are both fighting invisible foes: germs. In hospitals and healthcare facilities where many ill patients are receiving treatment at the same time, it is immensely challenging to prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections, also known as HAIs. Every year, HAIs affect a significant percentage of Americans who receive medical care. While most of these infections are [...]

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Infection Control for Individuals with Weakened Immune Systems

Your immune system’s job is to keep you safe from infectious diseases. Think of it as your own personal infection control expert. However, if you’re suffering from an autoimmune disorder, undergoing treatment for another condition, or under a great deal of stress, your system can develop weaknesses that decrease its ability to do its job. When this happens, your risk of infection can rise dramatically. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and prevent infections from occurring. Here’s how. Lifestyle Changes Manage Your Chronic Stress Stress is your body’s natural response to significant short- or long-term changes [...]

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