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Damaged mattresses are common in the hospital environment, and have been shown to harbor dangerous pathogens that contribute to Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).  An April 2013 US FDA Safety Communication warned of the risk of blood and bodily fluids entering into mattresses, leading to risk of Patient Infection.  “Taping the damage” is unsafe and prohibited by surveyors.


CleanPatch® is a  FDA-registered first-in-class medical surface repair product that restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state.  Applied in seconds, CleanPatch is already being used by 450 Healthcare facilities to comply with safety standards, save money AND enhance patient safety!

CleanPatch has proven to be:

  • Durable in Healthcare
  • Cleanable by Disinfectants
  • Impervious to Fluids
  • Equivalent to the Surface


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Use CleanPatch as part of a Mattress Inspection and Repair program to cost-effectively repair your mattresses!

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