Keeping kids healthy and attendance rates high.

Schools can contain billions of harmful bacteria and germs that can cause children to contract illnesses and infections.

Bacteria and viruses are stronger than ever before, while traditional disinfection techniques are becoming increasingly less effective.

The GermBlast service kills microorganisms in the environment that cause illness and infection such as the flu, stomach bug, staph infection, strep throat and much more.

GermBlast Service Technicians service each campus, athletic facilities, athletic equipment, and buses up to three times per year. Our partnership with each district ensures a healthier education environment in which students are more likely to reach their full academic potential.

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What is GermBlast?

GermBlast is a proprietary service created by Infection Controls, Inc. GermBlast includes a combination of innovative modalities that build upon each other to systematically remove dangerous microorganisms on critical touch points in the environment.

Our GermBlast service utilizes microfiber impregnated with antimicrobial silver and copper to scratch the surface of biofilm, a protective layer that colonized microorganisms produce.

After surfaces have been pretreated, they are treated with a combination of disinfecting sprays, high temperature steam, dry mist hydrogen peroxide, and advanced ultraviolet light systems.

Finally, surfaces are treated with a protective polymer that prevents re-colonization of microorganisms for up to 90 days.

GermBlast gave back over $100,000 to the Texas Public School System in 2015

Helmet 1 (Before)


Helmet 1 (After)