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The Infection Preventionist and Environmental Services Professional are challenged daily with surveillance and reporting, meetings, training, antibiotic stewardship, collaboration with department directors and the C-Suite and preparation for the next inspection.  It’s an arduous task to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization while also staying informed of the latest trends and legislative requirements. The average hospital has 1 Infection Preventionist per 167 beds1. Can it really be that obvious, are IP’s simply too busy? In addition, every day, week, and month there are new solutions to the ever increasing problem of HAIs; new chemicals, dispensers, ultraviolet light robots, hand hygiene compliance monitors, hydrogen peroxide vapor robots all professing the same outcome…reduced infections.  And yet the problem persists.  In fact, some may argue gets worse with increasing risks of multi-drug resistant organisms.  The Threat is real.  At GermBlast, we believe, “Zero is Possible.”

The GermBlast Program was designed to bridge the gap in Infection Controls and Environmental Services. We are passionate about prevention, we are meticulous in our efforts, and we are focused on our mission of KEEPING THE FIGHT OUTSIDE THE BODY.

If you are interested in learning more about our comprehensive infection control program, click here.

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  1. Stone PW, Dick A, Pogorzelska M, Horan TC, Furuya EY, Larson E. Staffing and structure of infection prevention and control programs. American journal of infection control. 2009;37(5):351-357. doi:10.1016/j.ajic.2008.11.001.