Below are the most commonly asked questions we receive here at GermBlast. If you have additional questions or would like to request a site survey, please contact us.

Is GermBlast Safe?

Our top priority is health and safety. That’s why we fight against infection every day with our on-site disinfection service, awareness and education programs, and ongoing research. We believe in treating the environment just as we treat our customers – with safety and a healthy future in mind. GermBlast is an environmentally safe disinfection service that kills 99.999% of harmful organisms in your environment. The primary disinfectant used in our GermBlast process is the greenest and safest on the market. All of the products we use are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are approved for contact surfaces. We‘re dedicated to giving you a green clean that removes virtually all contagions from your home, school, church, daycare center, healthcare facility, and business.

The GermBlast research team is constantly innovating and improving the process to better serve our clients as new technologies emerge and science advances. If you require detailed safety information regarding each product used in our service, please call (877) 771-3558.

Is GermBlast Right For My Organization?

Infection can happen anywhere, so we designed the GermBlast process to go everywhere. The GermBlast disinfection service can benefit every environment where germs exist. The most common environments we treat are:

  • Schools

  • Daycare facilities

  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals

  • Gyms and athletic facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Office buildings

  • Churches

  • Homes


Can GermBlast Treat My Home?

Yes! When one person in the home gets sick, it’s often just a matter of time before the infection spreads to the rest of the family. We’ve designed GermBlast for residential service to help you and your family keep the fight against infection outside of the body.

Can GermBlast Kill Superbugs?

Yes! Superbugs are one of our toughest enemies and GermBlast has developed special techniques to destroy them. Superbugs are infectious microorganisms that have developed a resistance to treatments in modern medicine such as antibiotics and disinfectants. To vanquish these persistent foes, GermBlast takes a multi-step approach that the superbug simply can’t withstand.

How Will I Know That The GermBlast Process Has Been Effective?

Our mission is to eradicate communicable diseases, so we employ several measures to test and verify our process.  After we’ve serviced your location, GermBlast provides you with data on your environment that you can contribute to and track throughout the life of your service agreement with us. Through a combination of ATP samples and our GermStats program, you can see the health of your environment clearly mapped on a graph in your GermBlast account.