In our mission to eradicate communicable diseases and keep you and your loved ones healthy, GermBlast is taking the fight to the places most likely to spread infection.

We are passionate about prevention, meticulous in our efforts, and focused on keeping the fight outside the body.

Together, we can prevent infection, improve attendance rates, and increase business profits.


Every year hundreds of thousands of patients enter hospitals and healthcare facilities for one health problem only to contract a healthcare-associated infection while receiving treatment. These healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) can cause lifelong health problems and even death. Recent legislation has required hospitals and healthcare facilities to take measures to dramatically reduce the incidents of HAIs and promote more effective, life-saving infection control practices.

GermBlast offers healthcare facilities an opportunity to put an end to healthcare-associated infections with the GermBlast disinfection service for environments and the GermBlast Wash for equipment. Following our treatment, we continue to help you win the fight against healthcare-associated infections with ongoing training, consultation, stakeholder awareness, and our game-changing GermStats data analysis and environmental health monitoring system. GermBlast gives Infection preventionists and Environmental Services professionals the confidence of knowing their facility is protected against HAIs. We believe “Zero Is Possible.”


GermBlast keeps kids healthy and attendance rates high.

It’s no secret that children and teens don’t wash their hands as often as they should. And with bacterial strains and viruses becoming stronger than ever before, it’s up to adults and educators to protect our children before they fall ill. The GermBlast disinfection service destroys contagions in schools that cause the flu, stomach bug, staph infection, strep throat and much more.

GermBlast helps school districts fight infection and enhance learning outcomes year-round with a comprehensive plan that includes ongoing training, consultation, awareness, and our unique GermStats environmental health monitoring system. GermBlast Service Technicians service your campuses, athletic facilities, athletic equipment, and buses three times per year.

Together, we can ensure our children enjoy a healthier education environment where they’re free to reach their full academic potential.

Assisted Living Communities

It's critical to keep members of assisted living communities at their healthiest and happiest.

When you invite GermBlast to be a part of your care team, you can rest assured that we take our part seriously. From proactive preventative maintenance services to Biological Response services, we'll work with you and your community to find a disinfection plan that will offer everybody peace of mind.


Daycares & Churches

When you’re going above and beyond the call of service to nurture the growth of others, the last thing you should have to worry about is infection control.

The GermBlast disinfection service shields you and your community from the threat of communicable diseases by using the safest and most environmentally-friendly disinfectants on the market today. Our environmental cleaning process is safe for environments that cater to infants and the elderly. Contact us for a site survey today so you can go on doing the work that fills your heart – and others’ – with joy.


There’s nothing that destroys a restaurant’s reputation faster than the spread of illness.

At GermBlast, we’re dedicated to helping the restaurants throughout our community thrive in a challenging industry by ensuring the health and safety of your guests.

You’ve put your heart and soul into your business. Our food-safe GermBlast disinfection process gives your customers the confidence to call your restaurant their go-to spot. Learn more about our services, education and awareness programs, and environmental health monitoring system.

Veterinary Clinics & Pet Care

Our pets are part of the family, too. That’s why GermBlast is dedicated to servicing veterinary clinics and pet care facilities to stop the spread of animal communicable diseases. The GermBlast process destroys infectious microorganisms that cause kennel cough, parvovirus, heart-worm, and more. We also help you stay on top of your clinic’s environmental health with our GermStats data collection and analysis tool.