Region 6 Summer Leadership Conference

GermBlast has been an industry leader in illness and infection prevention since 2009 and we offer the most comprehensive service available to combat the spread of bacteria and viruses. Using a patented, multi-step process GermBlast achieves an exponential kill of the germs in your student’s environment.  Using GermStats software, samples are also collected and measured before and after each service to track surface bacterial and viral levels over multiple services, providing you with a data-driven means to make the best disinfection decisions for your schools.  And, although it provides an important foundation for keeping your district healthy, high-level disinfection is far from the only service GermBlast has to offer!


GermBlast also provides a variety of Indoor Air Quality solutions that help increase overall health and productivity by improving the air quality of indoor spaces just like yours. Ranging from needlepoint bipolar ionization technology to indoor air monitoring devices, we can provide exactly what your space needs. 

GermBlast proudly partners with several Region 6 school districts currently, and we look forward to cultivating new partnerships with your region. If you’d like to discuss all the ways GermBlast can help your district stay ahead of illness and infection, contact Mike Motheral today!