John Booth

De Kalb ISD

Sarah Estrada

Little Gym of Lubbock

Paul Utley

Paradise ISD

Marshall Harrison

Sunray ISD

Michelle Briggs, Director Catholic Charities of Lubbock

We called GermBlast during the flu season to help control illness in our facility, and they were able to respond quickly, and get us on a maintenance program to help in the future. Since they first came out, we haven't had anyone else in the office get the flu. We are excited that we can say we are providing this benefit for not only our staff, but our visitors as well.

JD Lott, Owner | The Little Gym

A clean, healthy facility is one of our main priorities at The Little Gym if Lubbock. We've been using GermBlast disinfection services for several years now, along with a robust cleaning plan, to keep our members and their families safe from sickness. I feel that GermBlast has been a valuable component of our excellent track record of maintaining a healthy environment.

Bryan Davis, Superintendent | Dimmitt ISD

We have used GermBlast for four years and feel like it is has helped us each year provide a healthier environment for our students and staff. This year, while schools all around us are having severe attendance issues with the flu outbreak, Dimmitt ISD has not had that same problem and I attribute it to GermBlast.

Patrick Murphy, Superintendent | Iredell ISD

We are doing great this year and are not seeing the absences like other schools around us thanks to GermBlast. We have stayed right around 95% attendance despite this terrible flu season.

Chris Wade, Superintendent | Ralls ISD

Working with the GermBlast team has been a rewarding experience. I have found GermBlast to be very responsive to all of our needs. They are are knowledgable, experienced, and professional in their work.

Annjulie John | Homeowner

It is New Year’s Eve and you guys have come out in the snow to help give us peace of mind. Thank you guys so much for helping us out last minute! I don’t know another company who would do that!

John B. Booth, Ed.D. | DeKalb ISD

GermBlast kept us from losing ADA which more than paid for GermBlast and had a significant positive money impact for the district. However, what we think to be far more important is our students and teachers were here learning/teaching and not at home sick. Three districts around us had to close for one – two days because of the high absentee rate. One Superintendent said: “We had to close, we didn’t have the staff to cover the classrooms even the subs were sick.”

Rachel Tugwell, Director of Housekeeping | Trinity Fellowship Church

GermBlast's staff is extremely kind, prompt, and helpful! The benefits are much more than just disinfecting. The prices were very reasonable and they were quick to setup a date that accommodated our schedule. This company has gone above and beyond for us!

Julie Batten, Childrens' Minister | First Baptist Church Shallowater

What a great company! GermBlast has taken care of our children's facilities and done a great job!  They are always kind, courteous and very professional. We greatly recommend them to anybody!

Kristal Turner | Homeowner

The GermBlast residential service keeps my entire family healthy. It’s definitely worth the investment!

Russell Warren, Deputy Athletic Director | University of Texas Arlington

UTA Athletics is committed to the well-being of our student athletes. Our partnership with GermBlast not only helps us maintain that specific key to our success, but they are also a committed corporate partner. GermBlast provides an excellent product, as well as an even higher level of service execution. We are happy to call them part of the Maverick family!

Jamie Healy, Owner | Primrose School Of Plano at Deerfield

I use GermBlast on a quarterly and as needed basis. We are more than pleased by the results we are getting and their customer service is by far the best. Our sales rep, Phil, is always just a call a way when we need something.  This service not only guarantees our school is clean and germ free, its also giving peace of mind to our staff and families! Parents want to know, that their children are in a safe and clean environment! GermBlast helps us keep up with those standards.  I would recommend this service to anyone.

Linda Cavazos, Executive Director Of Facility Management | East Central ISD

Since our partnership with GermBlast, we are extremely happy with the exceptional customer service and full product delivery which includes qualitative and quantiative data reporting, along with excellent educational services, trainings, and reading materials on health, wellness and safety. GermBlast responds to our needs and request promptly and ensures that our district's students, staff, and community are provided with on site services in an exponential manner. I recommend all school district's consider partnership with GermBlast for their disinfection and health needs.